Idris Veitch is Bridging the Cultural Divide

Idris Veitch
Chidinma the Preistess

How do you use color in your work and what is the importance?

Color and contrast without question is a huge factor in the world that I try to build with each piece. The more vibrant the better. I can’t really explain why I choose the colors that I do. It mainly comes down to the materials that I work with and trying to find a balance between them.

How is your masters going? You’ve said that teaching and imparting knowledge for you are really important. Do you see any ways that education can be affected by the blockchain? Be it positive or negative.

That masters is doing well! I’m in my last semester now and about to start my thesis. The blockchain has so much untapped potential that I can safely say yes to it affecting education. For me currently the focus on the blockchain is in the NFT space and its unique opportunity for Jamaican artists. The art space down here is very limited and at times gatekeep-y. NFTs present a unique opportunity to cut out the middleman and for artists to be seen and paid for their work.

You’ve mentioned dealing with Imposter Syndrome, which is something I know a lot of other artists struggle with or have struggled with. Can you talk a bit about how you’ve made space for your own mental health when working through the creative process?

I dealt with a lot of imposter syndrome when I was starting out. For me personally it was easy to feel this way as the art that I made felt like *my baby* and I didn’t deserve the accolades that came my way. Comparing myself to my other peers on Instagram really didn’t help much as their likes and art work made me think to myself that I should be doing that. It wasn’t until I decided to stay in my own lane and continue building myself where I was able to shake off those negative feelings. Obviously each collage is still my baby (lol) but an important lesson I’ve come to realize is that once your work is out there, it is no longer “yours”. One of my greatest joys is to hear other people’s interpretations of my work. I’ve caught myself being surprised at some of the comments I’ve read/heard as they’re totally unexpected.

Did your experience and background with fashion lead you toward collage work? How did you land on collages as a main form of artistic expression?

Absolutely. It all started with that graduation collection. Those few pieces that I made for research were forgotten about then later posted on Instagram. They got a really good response and my close friend recommended making a series out of it. The collection that followed, “African Masks x Ukiyoe” saw me take part in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Japan and Jamaica. Collage to me just makes sense. I really enjoy mixing and matching contrasting elements and trying to make them fit together.

Have you thought about creating wearables in DCL or assets for other metaverses? Sandbox, CV, Web3?

I’ve been keeping in close tune with news and developments about the Metaverse. For the moment I’m sitting on the sidelines curiously waiting to see what happens. Not going to rule anything out as that would be a very interesting space to explore.

What is your grand vision or plan for your work in NFTs?

I would like to focus on stepping up my pieces and leveling up to motion graphics and 3D by learning After Effects and Blender. I also plan on getting an ipad to create illustrations using Procreate and making pixel art. I would also like to have enough crypto to be able to support artists I believe in. I myself was onboarded by two of my friends that believed in me and my work and I would like to do the same for others.

Why were you attracted to Web3 and NFTs?

I grew up from the days of no internet availability in Jamaica to Web 1.0 and beyond. The Internet in the early 90s was so shiny and new, and represented endless possibilities. Nowadays I catch myself feeling that same excitement and wonder that I felt back then. If history is any indication, NFTs and many of the apps/projects we’re hearing about now will contribute to that seismic shift similar to those we take for granted now from Web 1.0 and 2.0. I’m very excited to see what happens these coming months/years.

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