Cut The Ace: Dealing a new deck for Black artists and collectors.

Cut The Ace

This week’s feature is none other than Cut The Ace, an anonymous tech entrepreneur who is passionate about collecting Black art. He is a passionate and often outspoken figure on NFT Twitter and we are excited that he has taken the time to share his thoughts on NFTs with us. Read on.

Who are you and where are you based?

I represent Cut The Ace Studios. I split my time between DC and Atlanta. I stay anonymous so people won’t start shilling me at my day job. LOL.

Where did “Cut The Ace” come from and what is the significance of the name?

I am an avid card player. Spades is one of my favorite games. In Spades, even the smallest trump card can beat a mighty ace. Likewise, my focus is to help underrepresented artists and collectors compete with the big guys.

When did you start your journey down the NFT rabbit-hole?

I come from the tech space. I learned about NFTs through my interest in cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.  NFTs appeared to be a practical use of blockchain technologies. Once I saw the incredible art being created in the NFT space, I became hooked. 

What was the first piece you collected?

Outside of Cryptokitties years back, my true foray into NFTs started with @artbyaili Deuce of Spades. 

What about this first piece appealed to you the most?

This playing card collectible felt like it was made just for Cut the Ace. I love the concept and the execution.  And, the fact that the artist is a super talented Black woman made this art the obvious choice for me. I can’t say enough about how much I love everything about this piece.  It is often my PFP.

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