About The BlkChain

Welcome to The BlkChain. We are the leading voice for culture and creativity in Web3. We are a community-driven magazine that lives on chain and off. Our primary goal is to amplify and elevate the work of women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ artists and collectors in NFTs. 

We’re making it easier for creators to get their work out there, and easier for collectors to find that work. The BlkChain exists to ensure that those who create digital art are given the opportunity to show their work, and not be dismissed because of their gender or race or sexuality.

We believe in the power of art to change how people see the world—and to bring about positive change. 

Founder & Editor Sian Morson

Digital art and NFTs have the power to create a better world, and we want everyone to have access to them. That’s why in addition to being the best place to discover new artists and their work, we also are building the  largest and most diverse collection of diverse digital art on the planet.

Web3, for all its idealism, has a diversity problem. The BlkChain is addressing it head on by highlighting great artists who are often overlooked by traditional galleries and platforms. We’re building a community where everyone has an equal shot at exposure, no matter their background. 

There’s more to blockchain than Defi. In fact, it could be a tool for social change. Technology can be used to help artists create their art—and help collectors find it—in a way that’s sustainable and equitable.

We are inspired by the idea that NFTs can help foster a more diverse community of creators and collectors. Our hope is to encourage more people from underrepresented communities to use blockchain as a platform for their voices to be heard, seen, and appreciated.