Anthony Fabrizio: “Real Recognize Real”

Anthony Fabrizio

NFT_Cartel discusses his NFT collection journey.

When did you discover crypto and NFT art? 

I discovered crypto about 3 years ago but didn’t fully dive in. I invested what was affordable and kind of put it on the backburner while I focused on my core business. NFT’s and collecting them is pretty new for me. 

How long have you been collecting NFTs? 

About 3 months. I started investigating the industry in January part time and increased my focus on the space since then.

What was the first piece you collected and why? 

The first piece I collected was a pixopop by sabet. I happened to be searching through instagram, saw his post, it caught my eye and so i dm’d sabet and asked if we could chat on the phone. He obliged and we spoke for a while about his journey and plans for the collection and I wanted to be a part of it. 

Do you also collect physical art? 

I do. I am loving that I can build relationships with artists worldwide easily now and not only get their nfts but in some cases physical pieces. 

What appeals to you about the medium? How does it compare to physical art? 

I am completely all in and believe digital art on a blockchain is the future. I think about traveling the world and connecting my wallet anywhere and displaying the work of magnificent artists I’ve collected pieces from. So dope! I feel sometimes people think I’m crazy for how adamant I am that digital art is unbelievably cool, extremely valuable and the future — period. I am thinking of having some of these great artists first ever pieces minted on ETH 15 years from now makes me look forward to the future even more than I already do

Is there a preference? 

Definitely digital. I get jacked up thinking of accessing my gallery from anywhere and showing it off. I can’t carry my others with me.

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