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Archangel by Jahmel Reynolds

Get to know digital artist Jahmel Reynolds and learn about his journey to creating NFTs.

This week, the featured artist is Jahmel Reynolds who has emerged as one of the leading voices in the NFT community. In his work, he uses photo manipulation to bring his illustrations to life. He also touches on what it’s like to be 1/2 of a crypto power couple. 😃

You work with photo manipulation and digital illustration. Tell us about those two styles and how and when you use them.

Photo manipulation or collage birthed from my film/photography background. It was a natural step that I transitioned into by learning how to edit photos in Photoshop. My digital illustration is something that I wanted to develop because of my deep love for comics and anime. I don’t have a rhyme or reason for when to use each style, It’s really just based on the idea that I have at the current time.

When did you start making digital art and NFTs in particular?

I started making NFT’s in January.

And when did you find out about NFTs?

I followed Lyonna Lyu, a super talented artist in the space, she actually posted something about crypto art in her IG story, and I looked into and found out more info through one/off and Sirsu.

In our interview with the artist Latasha’, she mentioned that you got her into NFTs. Tell us about that.

Latasha’ is my partner. We’ve been together for four years, but we’ve known each other for seven. I told her about NFT’s when I first heard about them and she was very interested, but she wanted to see how I’d do before she made the jump. Once she saw that I was doing pretty well, she was all in. It was a lot of fun helping her out and explaining crypto wallets and the various platforms. I actually filmed when she made her first sale, it was super dope. It’s been an honor to watch her flourish and use her voice to create change for Black women in the space, I’m very proud.

What’s it like to be making art with your partner? Any collabs coming?

It’s powerful honestly. Creating is a vulnerable thing, even by yourself, so to be able to share and grow that process with someone else is an amazing experience. I feel like we’re always collaborating because we live together, and we’re always each other’s 2nd opinion, but an official collaboration is definitely on the way, so stay tuned!

Tell me about your latest piece, “Beyond”.

“Beyond” was an older piece I made a couple years ago. The beautiful thing about this space is that I could re-release older pieces that I thought didn’t receive it’s full appreciation. That piece is a personal favorite. My art is a form of therapy, so Beyond is a statement that I am & we are more than what the world says we are as Black people, and only we know what our Beyond is. It isn’t determined by anyone else.

What determines for you, when you mint a single edition vs a run of 10 or 20?

The amount of time I put into the piece. Pieces with movement take a while to edit with all the effects and rendering, so I put those pieces at a higher price point and make them a single edition. Still images take some time as well, but not as much as the pieces with movement.

How do you balance your physical with your digital work?

I print physical work by request, but since I’ve been creating NFT’s people have been desiring digital works more than physicals.

You’ve been very vocal about how the money you’ve made from selling NFTs has affected your life. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes. NFTs have changed my life. I’ve paid off debts and I’ve recently bought a new PC so I can start diving into 3D art, create more dynamic pieces, and basically maintain a good livelihood. I think the beautiful part about that is that I’m able to do this from ideas that are purely me. No commission or freelance gigs where you’d naturally have to compromise your vision to suit someone else’s needs.

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