Anthony Fabrizio: “Real Recognize Real”

Anthony Fabrizio

How do you discover new artists or work in the NFT space? 

I actually have a few IG accounts that I use to plug different art that I come across and like. A bi-product of that is I have a lot of artists that like the same stuff or follow me. I take the time to look around at socials and try to put the pieces together. Typically, if I see something that resonates with me and the price is right, I buy it. I’m not too much of a “how much am I going to make quick on this” kind of guy. I have other businesses for that and trading but when it comes to collecting art unless I’m doing so for an investor on assignment, it’s very personal.

Your collection is vast and varied. Did it really only take you 3 months for you to collect that much work? 

3 months and I loved it thoroughly!  I feel like I could ice skate on the block chain with a shopping cart and loads of money all day!

Do you maintain an ongoing relationship with your digital artists?  If so, how? 

Absolutely, I do my best to continue to plug the artist’s works to other individuals I think would appreciate. I also spend some money on posts that contain the pieces I purchased and I’ll spend 3-10 hours per day sending it out to get looked at on IG. I feel like keeping the artist out there and spending some time and a little money and caring will go a long way.

Is there a particular style that you’re attracted to? 

I really can’t say there is. I will buy anything I really like if the ETH is cleared.

What’s the most you’ve spent on an NFT? 


Do you like the thrill of the auction or do you prefer to buy a piece outright? What is the better strategy?

I like to buy it outright because auctions give me anxiety.  I’d rather pay 10% more and just put it to bed.

What is your strategy or approach for collecting? 

I listen to my heart and gut but do research and try the best you can to get to know the artist and if they have intentions on pursuing this as a career or is this just a “I saw beeple make 65 million.” I also like to see 3-5 years of minimally documented creating.

Who are your top 5 artists in your collection? 

sabet, Gabe Weiss, Mendez Mendez, Vintage Mozart, violetta melnikvoa(eye above sky) , Eddie Gangland, Dario Desena, Early Worm, Yossi, Alex Alpert, Atlas Eros, #hashmasks

How do you think the NFTs scene will evolve?

I think we’ll experience a flurry of people that aren’t truly interested in making this a full-time thing or take it that seriously. We may have to work our way through some peaks and valleys with pricing and crypto values having an impact on that naturally, but I believe within a year, the space will be crushing it and real will recognize real.

Is there a collector community in the digital art world? If so, what’s it like? 

Not sure. I really haven’t spoken to too many other collectors. I think it’s like a competition thing. I’m not sure, I just haven’t come across too many other collectors.

What inspires you to collect? 

I love investing in people period, also getting a beautiful piece of art along with that is a huge plus and can be very rewarding in the long term.

How do you display your digital works? Do you show them only online or do you display them in a physical space?, OpenSea and I’m trying to pick a virtual type situation to display in prebuilt vr galleries like

What is missing from your collection that  you are looking for right now? 

I have a list already of 6 absolute must-have artists. I just need to pace myself before I’m living in a tent looking at my NFTs, which is kinda cool though, and goes back to my original point about having your art anywhere.

What would you say to first-time collectors? 

Don’t buy it if you don’t really want it.

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