Moonbirds Partners with Spotify to Launch NFT Playlist

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Moonbirds, an NFT project based on Ethereum, is hitting the right notes with music streaming giant, Spotify. Owners of the pixel-art owl profile pictures (PFPs) from Moonbirds now have the privilege to unlock unique musical content on the globally recognized music platform.

The exclusive Spotify playlist from Moonbirds, named “Sound of a Digital Renaissance”, is a collection of songs across various genres from celebrated artists such as Diplo and Tame Impala, curated by Song Birds and Danny Lee. However, this exciting offering has its limitations: to enjoy these melodies, Moonbirds holders need to reside in specific countries (the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Azerbaijan, and Australia) and be Android users.

Regardless of these constraints, this collaboration marks another impressive milestone for the Moonbirds team. It demonstrates the potential of partnerships with eminent Web2 brands, providing an engaging and unique experience for their community members, and further strengthening the NFT project.

Spotify’s engagement with the Web3 space is not a new phenomenon. Earlier in the year, the music streaming behemoth established a strategic partnership with BAYC supergroup, Kingship, to provide exclusive playlist access to BAYC members. Just like Moonbirds, Kingship’s Spotify tracks were only accessible to Android users due to policy restrictions from Apple Inc. concerning NFT functionalities.

Regardless, Spotify’s ventures into the Web3 universe signal the emergence of a new trend of cross-industry collaborations, paving the way for a more integrated and immersive digital landscape. As advancements in Web3 continue, it will be intriguing to observe how Spotify leverages its burgeoning blockchain proficiency to augment its music streaming services and sustain its leadership in the music streaming industry.

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