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Jordan Bayne

Is there a message for men here? What about for women?

Not in particular. There are men who suffered domestic violence and intimate partner violence as well. In this story I feel like it’s important to see them both as human beings, both of them are playing into their role in this toxic cycle until she finally breaks it. If there is a message, it’s found in the complex dynamics of these relationships, the courage to break the cycle and on a greater note, how society fails people living in the shadows.

Where and when will the piece? Give us all the details!

The work will be minted on Zora on January 26th.  The Zora platform has been the most welcoming to video files and for a filmmaker like myself who works deeply on the cinematic experience I need the biggest file size offered without streaming issues and Zora’s protocol offers that. 

Who are you hoping collects this work?

This is a 1:1 . It’s a historic piece. It’s a social impact piece. It’s a truly cinematic piece. In an ecosystem that is currently obsessed with PFP generative projects, finding a collector for this work affirms for any artist out there creating deep, profound, meaningful work that there are collectors who recognize, value and understand intrinsically the significance of telling stories like this one.

What is your ultimate vision for how film will be created and distributed as NFTs?

Impossible question. We are so early. The potential seems so vast. I hope that we will have platforms that can stream appropriate file sizes for filmmakers, a Web3 NFT native “Netflix”, but instead of the producers and distributor making all of the money, the majority of the money will go back to the creators. 

What makes NFTs perfect for independent filmmakers?

Again, difficult to answer fully, but to riff on a couple… Independent filmmakers are about community. We can create new opportunities for engagement with the audience. Rather than doing one-off crowd funding using the archaic Kickstarter method, we can be creating offerings with utility that benefit the filmmakers and the community. Effectively being a distribution partner. Also, if you buy an NFT 1:1 motion picture,  you can hold onto it, or if you want to put it on the secondary market, you as the buyer can now sell that asset making money and the creator gets to make a percentage on the secondary market. So, you could have Investors who are interested in the profit-making opportunity, but also those who are interested in supporting the creative direction of the filmmaker. Then there is the significant opportunity to remove the gatekeepers. To own everything, to earn passive income in the future on your creations/films. 

What’s next for you in the NFT space?

*I have two feature films and a series that I have packaged with incredible talent, that I would like to utilize the blockchain, and NFTs for this year. It’s the latent potential of this space that I want to bring to life and that means continuing to be a trailblazer. In tandem with that I want to keep building and scaling the NFT Filmmaker Squad as a community that holds to the ethos of Web3 and creates a foundation for other filmmakers coming into the space to build upon, and find support in the community. Then for those who want to go deep and long, the maverickDAO will be available soon, and again, another opportunity to build a new ecosystem, one that is not built on the traditional hierarchy, but one that takes advantage of decentralization and all that it has to offer us now, and hopefully in the future.

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