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Vintage Mozart

What are the most prominent issues facing the NFT space in your opinion?

Imposter syndrome and ‘How Much a dollar cost’ both are factors people battle. We conjure theories of failure that are highlighted as facts. We focus on the failures and not the milestones… the pace of the space is rushed because theres a weird perception that ‘something new is coming’. Chasing the dollar but we are running out of stamina.

“Confidence is food for the wise man but liquor for the fool” You mentioned this to me in a conversation we had. What does it mean to you?

Confidence, in the hands of the wise man, is food — it nourishes him. The smart man may use it to give him energy, which he can then use to disseminate his wisdom and improve the world. On the other hand, when a fool owns confidence, it turns into booze, causing intoxication. No One likes a fool with a platform, or a podium for stupidity.

What are some of the reasons that one project can be successful in the NFT space and another isn’t?  Aside from the obvious answers… what are your thoughts here?

Price points and momentum are very big factors that I have noticed, it’s so underrated. I would say spend more time preparing the fishing trip and not catching them.

Should POC build their own platforms in the NFT space? Why or why not?

Two edged sword, I am for our community to be free but isolation is not the formulae for equality, we should learn to steer ships and not always want to build. We end up dividing our small numbers because we are innovative people and always want to be front runners. I think we should shine in the spotlight and not find the need to create our own.

“Silence of The Wolves Vol. 1”

You’ve said that the community needs healing. What kind of healing would help the community?

Reduce the expectations, the barometer for success is way too high… theres no gauge that is fair, we all seemed destined for failure because overnight success need to happen with everyone. We also need to just leave the personal politics of the world and focus on our crafts, not everyone needs to be a curator or share their opinion that is controversial. That’s the healing.

You’re also a curator, can you talk about the work you’ve done in this discipline?

I like to say I like to ‘Get shit done’… I’m lucky to be in a position where people like what I say and believe in my vision. I’m lucky that I can work with the strong leads in the space. Like Iris, who helped sculpt my career as a curator by giving me a platform and taking the time to critique me. The work is mainly giving artists space and galleries to show their work, all I can do is share you to the people that want to see more work essentially.

You have some pretty strong opinions about social etiquette; can you share more about that? How does it apply in the NFT community?

It’s easy to be mean or a keyboard activist, but how long can you sustain that persona you have created for yourself. The space at times leans towards cancel culture and mob mentality off the basis of cliques and opinions. I genuinely feel people are not always outraged but need to give that persona because they’re pseudo activists. You can’t tell someone they’re wrong in a decentralized space but at the same time there’s social dynamics and boundaries one cannot cross.

What is your relationship with your collectors? How do you cultivate that relationship and how do you interact with them?

I would say its fantastic, like the ones that want to have a conversation, please feel free to speak with me. My collectors are people that invest in me and I am there for utility, conversation is part of the package. I just talk to them like people, I feel sometimes it’s refreshing to have normal conversations that are not money related.

What is your favorite genre of art? Least favorite?

I’m a big afro-futurist fan but I would say surrealism has my heart always… it’s a fascinating art form that warps the mind. Least is definitely minimalist modern art, I can say it loud and proud… blank canvas are lazy art forms… sure you’re selling a concept… concepts are not art.

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