Aluna is Reclaiming Her Independence

Aluna is a signed vocal artist who recently minted a hybrid project, Cocoa Cream Cake Puffer, with other artists. Her Poodle Squad Headphones are illustrative of how fashion, music, and art are colliding in the Metaverse. Here, we discuss her entry into the space, her future plans, and how NFTs will impact the possibilities for artists.

Tell me about your work as an artist and what inspires it. You’re primarily a musician, right?

Yes I am one half of the duo AlunaGeorge but my solo project aluna is my current focus, centering on dance and bringing diversity to the space.

How did you get involved in the NFT space? 

I heard about NFTs and got excited about a new medium with which to create so I set about learning and connecting with experts already in the space such as Mark Sabb from feltzine, Latashá who is now at Zora and Matt Bond from Banquet labs.

Fashion brands have been jumping into NFTs, but you’ve done something different with Cocoa Cream Cake Puffer. Tell me what inspired this piece. 

I looked at what the possibilities could be with digital fashion and became fascinated by the concept of impossible clothing, of using materials you simply couldn’t use in the real world. In much of my visual expression you will see a lot of references to traditional English royalty with High Tea being one of the most ridiculous and fabulous things to experience. So I wanted to make a jacket out of that!

What are your thoughts about the ways NFTs are changing the music industry? 

I have yet to delve into the possibilities because, as a signed artist, it gets a bit complicated. But I believe we could be looking at a solution to the way artists are being robbed by labels and streaming companies through the lack of transparency around royalties.


Tell me about the Poodle Squad Headphones. What are they and where did the idea come from?

This was my first drop. I collabed with Decentral games to create custom pieces that are actually wearable in Decentraland. We dropped on the weekend of the Metaverse festival where I played a DJ set. It was so cool seeing avatars dancing and wearing the headphones while I played!

What are your future plans for your art in the Metaverse? 

My art, although it is significant in its own right, is part of a much bigger picture. Anyone who buys my pieces is also investing in real world community and experience. I plan to make big changes in the dance space, bringing diversity back to the genre and bringing the genre into the future through web3.

Where can readers learn more about you and your work? 

Twitter is a great space to connect (@alunaaa) but I’m also on IG (@aluna).

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