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A conversation with Phen Mas

Embark on the captivating journey of Phen Mas who left his corporate job to dive into the world of crypto art and NFTs. From early encounters with Bitcoin to exploring the possibilities of NFTs, their story is a…


10 Ways To Show off Your NFT Collection

With the popularity of NFTs, artists are moving into the space at breakneck speed. But so are collectors and galleries. Galleries in particular, who understandably may have been skittish about digital art, are playing a bit of catch up as things in the space have been moving quickly.


Twitter is the only social media platform that matters for NFT art

If you’re building a career as an NFT artist, Twitter is the only social media platform that matters. Here’s why.

Shaylin Wallace

The Digital Artist Toolbox Part 1: Purpose + Persona

As the NFT space expands and new platforms pop up daily, artists are presented with several pressing questions: How do I get my art seen? How do I build a sustainable career? What are collectors looking for?

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