Latashá Knows Exactly Who She Is.

Artist Latasha
Artist Latasha

Latashá is turning it up a notch.

Latashá is an artist that works across mediums. She is the definition of the word multi-disciplined. Many of you may have been introduced to her via “Self Made: Inspired by Madame CJ Walker”. But there is so much more to her. Check out our interview with her below

You’re one of the most exciting artists in the space right now.  You make music, videos, and art. It is colorful and dynamic and the complete package. What inspires you?

I’m so grateful for the space. To be honest, everything inspires me. I feel like I’m constantly gaining new parts of me that I want to bring out in my art and that I love from the world. If it excites me, I’m inspired. But right now, I think I’m most inspired by my inner child and the meta.

What was the young Latashá like? 

I’d say 7-year-old Latashá was shy, quiet, and in her journals internalizing her extraversion. Journals are still the favorite part of my day, along with new packs of markers and crayons that I had to get every Christmas. I was usually in my head creating scenes, trying to imagine myself as all the members of TLC and/or Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown. I was always into fly shit but always a nerd. I always wanted to be a singer. But I grew up in Brooklyn where you couldn’t really make too much noise because of the thin walls. I’m grateful that my inner child gets to live out her dreams these days. 

When did you get into making NFTs?

About a month ago, through my partner Jahmel Reynolds

What excites you about the NFT space?

I’ve been excited to find a home for work that I didn’t feel the music industry would be able to hold. I feel like I’m creating my own platforms through the markets and I can revolutionize what it is to be a multi-faceted artist through NFT. I can be as big as I want to be in this space and take up space without the same sense of competition, and that clarity is so vital to me.

Many people know you from the film Self Made. How did that come about?

Massive love to Morgan Rhodes, the music supervisor, who fell in love with the song. I released it with Sugaroo records and felt the song spoke to my truth and rebellion I was especially feeling through the pandemic.  

Are there any other artists that you’re excited about right now making NFTs?

I’m excited for all the Black artists, especially the Black women. I am excited for the artists pushing the culture and transforming the set of what NFT could be, beyond this imagined idea of futurism and something that brings Blackness to the forefront. Something that heals Black art from the constant need to focus on trauma. We are much more than our trauma. 

What is your technique for making digital art? What tools do you use?

I use all forms of mediums depending on what I’m feeling and my intention, sometimes film, sometimes audio, sometimes paper and pen, sometimes art software, sometimes just thoughts create things on their own. 

“I can be as big as I want to be in this space and take up space without the same sense of competition, and that clarity is so vital to me.”


What do you want your collectors to know about your work?

All my work connects to my spiritualism and experience. Everything has intention and maybe healing. It’s about the release of all this stuff that I was holding on to and for the collectors, I hope you can feel that connection to spirit through it. Hope you can feel the legacy I’m here to grow.

You’re the first Black woman to sell on Catalog. Tell us about that.

It’s pretty amazing and I hope it inspires other women, especially Black women, to try other means of getting their music and creations out to the world without being bogged down by the industry standards and fears. It’s a great way to truly release and create your world in the Metaverse.

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